Links: Love, Music, and Joy: The Story of Core Demo


I have to admit, I’m bad about reading things my talented friends write as much as I should. But Matt Peters posted something with Mighty Ink Comics the other day on Core Demo, a fundraiser he started and with which I was honored to be involved a few years back. I hosted the inaugural event, despite my usual stage fright. It was an incredibly strange event — I wrote fictional biographies for unsuspecting belly dancers, if you were wondering just how strange — but for a great cause.

It was something personal for Matt, and he tells the story better. But I connected with the cause, as well. And it is cool to read Matt’s account of how it all started and what it became and why it stopped. I think it’ll still be cool even if you weren’t there or don’t have any clue what this was about. (Yes, Matt also name-drops me about three times in this post, but that’s not why I think you should read it.) For that special evening, my wife and I also created this megaphone modification (and by we, I mean I had a stupid idea and she did most of the heavy lifting).

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