Links: Nidhogg 2 Review for 22nd Century Media

What I like about “Nidhogg 2” in a nutshell…

“Everything about ‘Nidhogg 2′ — Messhof Games’ follow-up, reviewed on PS4 but also available on PC — sees only small tweaks to the formula that made its predecessor a success, but they are all for the better’

“The most notable is that the weapons list has expanded from a simple fencing sword to feature a heavy broadsword, a shorter knife, and a bow with arrows. They modify the strategies on both offense and defense, without losing the balance of the original game.”

Full review by clicking here. I’ve been a bit behind on posting some things, so this one is about a week late, but still worth the read, I think. (Subscription) More importantly, get playing “Nidhogg 2.”

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