Links: Writer, photographer get personal about Paul [Live Music Review]

Photo by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media

I’ve been meaning to share this for awhile but had some personal things going on around the time it ran. Still wanted to share it, so here it goes.

Paul McCartney was in Tinley Park for two nights. He was awesome. His set was slightly different each night, and some other things happened. Our photographer was there a different night than I, so instead of the standard story, we put together this conversation about our experiences the two different nights. Also included setlists and a sidebar giving some local residents the chance to weigh in. I was really happy with the way it turned out. Check it out here. (Subscription)

An excerpt…

Laurie Fanelli: The crowd was so into every moment. I loved the sincere, unadulterated fandom — so many different generations coming together to celebrate the music. Everyone who was there felt like they were his No. 1 fan, and they were all right.

Bill Jones: I was talking to someone else about that after the show. It was just a really cool crowd in general. We’ve both been to a ton of shows, and I’m sure you know all crowds aren’t the greatest. But I think he’s a very unifying reason for people to be in the same building, so you get this awesome crowd.

Laurie Fanelli: There was a 5-year-old with his mom next to me, singing along with all the early Beatles stuff, and two women who have been friends for 40 years behind me who go see him every time he’s in town, shouting “I love you, Paul!” during the breaks. The energy was infectious.

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