Links: An editorial with a Beatles tie

So, following up on that McCartney piece I shared the other day, I wrote an editorial to go along with it.

My uncle was a longtime Beatles fanatic, used to co-host a radio show called “Breakfast with the Beatles” on WCKG. So I had an interesting connection/full circle sort of feeling when covering the Paul McCartney show. So, I unearthed the photo and wrote about the experience that week. Pretty happy with the way it turned out.

You can check it out here (subscription).

A little bit…

“I never quite shared the same passion as him for The Beatles. I think that was largely because of my age and a penchant for music with a little more of an edge to it.

“I can still remember a show VH1 or MTV did when I was a child, ranking the Top 100 rock ‘n’ roll bands, and I legitimately got upset about The Beatles beating out The Rolling Stones for the top spot. I was angrier yet that they had both beat out Aerosmith, as, at the time, I knew all the words to ‘Get a Grip.’

“I had no context, though. I didn’t understand the history. I couldn’t appreciate the mania the “Fab Four” instilled in the world, the roads they paved for other rock bands to do their things. I knew of their legend, sure, but I did not realize the obscene volume of hits the band had released, the multiplying factor of what its members went on to do following the breakup.”

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