Links: Funny Business feature for Chicagoly magazine

I love living near Chicago for the sake of its comedy scene, but I feel like for all the reputation the city has, its talent often heads to one of the coasts to find, you know, money (and fame). I wanted to explore this idea for Chicagoly Magazine, because what’s more fun than the business side of comedy, right?

Anyway, it is one of the longest pieces I’ve written in a long time (maybe ever). And for all that work, I’m probably proud more than anything about the two-word headline I came up with. (C’est la vie.) For those of you who don’t want to read so much, Joe Coughlin was able to get his hands on some cool, archival photos from The Second City, so at least check those out. (Photo above courtesy of The Second City)

Story includes chats with the people behind The Second City Training Center, iO Chicago and Annoyance Theatre & Bar in Chicago, as well as ImprovAcadia – a space in Bar Harbor, Maine, started by Chicago comedy alumni. Also talked to Katie Rich (“SNL” writer) and Chris Witaske (Netflix’s “Love’) about them going east and west, respectively, to pursue their careers in comedy.


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