A4TECH introduces mice without holes [Product Review]

G7-1Product: G7-310D-2 Wireless DustFree HD Mouse

Price: $14.99

Company: A4TECH

Review by: Bill Jones

It’s rare to actually be impressed by something in the world of computer mice nowadays. Sure, there are always precision enhancements, ergonomic offerings, better wireless, extra features and even swipe movements with touchpads. But true innovation is rare in an age when the mouse has seemingly been perfected.

Enter A4TECH and a very small innovation by which it is hard to not be impressed — the “Holeless Engine.” Rather than the hole usually present on the bottom of a mouse for its sensors in the post-mouse ball world — which, along with the pads, seem to collect the most amount of dust — the A4TECH’s G7-310D mouse features a slightly hidden sensor, one that is flush with the bottom of the mouse and with virtually no indentation.

What this does is keeps dust from entering a crevice and hampering precision, prompting the company to dub it a “DustFree HD” mouse. The mouse also boasts the capability of running on things other than flat surfaces, such as beds, sofas and carpets.

The sensor also boosts image contrast and filters scattered light, increasing pointer precision — it boasts no lag up to 15 meters and five adjustable DPI settings of 800/1000/12000/1600/2000 — and prolonging the mouse’s lifetime. And it all runs on two AAA batteries, tucked in a small compartment with storage space to spare for the USB multi-link nano receiver.


The packaging also claims that liquid cannot get in through the sensor, which may be true, but considering the other openings like the battery compartment and the bottom of the wheel, it seems a moot point unwise to put to the test.

The mouse is also incredibly small, weighing in at just 51 grams. It is more akin to what people often buy to carry with laptops, and it requires arching the fingers a bit for a good feel. But thanks to indentations on the side still finds a way to feel comfortable, if not quite as much as full-sized mice.

Ultimately, the mouse works as advertised, and comes in two stylish colors — either black with the stripe and wheel in the middle orange; or black with a silver stripe, black wheel and diagonal stripes across the arch. Both look good, and a relatively cheap price point online makes either a solid choice for one’s next mobile mouse replacement. And for anyone whose sensor keeps getting clogged with dust, it might be wise to make that replacement sooner, rather than later.


Also from A4TECH …

Gun3 V3 Multi-Core Gaming Mouse

Built on the same type of holeless HD engine as the G7, the Gun3 ups the max resolution to 3,200 DPI (with a minimum of 200) with 368 megapixels per second of image processing, 30g acceleration, a tracking speed of 75 inches/sec, a report rate of 1,000 Hz and a 1 millisecond key response time, catering the gaming crowd.

It also features a “bloody” design, with red lighting on the wheel and logo, and its key special features are its three core modes, one with three “shooting modes” for the left button. That mode allows for the player to change the left button to single shot, two-burst shots or three-burst shots. It’s essentially a gaming equivalent of turbo toggles, and totally unnecessary. That goes double for the premium third core, which allows gamers to purchase options like auto-recoil suppression and other helpers.

What gamers should enjoy is the precision, and computer enthusiasts overall should appreciate the comfortable design, size and look of the mouse, which takes its red accents all the way through the kevlar-style cord. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a higher end mouse, and the extra buttons, whether used or not, really don’t get in the way of using the mouse for everyday tasks.

For more info, www.a4tech.com

Bill Jones Ink received the mice courtesy of the company for review purposes.

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