More than just an art book [Guest Book Review]

artofamandaconnervariantTitle: The Art of Amanda Conner

Edition: Hardcover // Published by: IDW // Forward by: Jimmy Palmiotti // Edited and Designed by: Joe Pruett

Review by: Archie Easter

There aren’t many artists out there who can make viewers crack a smile one minute and create stunning visual art the next, but Amanda Conner is one such person. From her gorgeous female characters and runs on books like Vampirella and Power Girl to the hooker-turned-superhero The Pro — and all manner of quirky and fun creations in between — if there’s one thing her work has shown, it is that she is in possession of a truly broad range of talent.

The Art of Amanda Conner is a comprehensive hardcover collection of comic artist Amanda Conner’s work, from her student creations at The Kubert School up through some of her most recent runs in the industry. Not only just an art book, the book gives a true glimpse into the mind of a very talented artist and how she breathes life into each and every one of her characters. Each page is full of not only her work but also brief asides and notes on each collection of art, delving into its intended purpose and/or inspiration.

One of the things I liked in particular with this book was the true breadth of content on display. While many artists would balk at showing some of their earliest works, Conner leads with some of her earliest professional and student work. This not only serves as both a humbling and refreshing change of pace but also allows the viewer to track the progress and strides Conner has made as an artist over the course of her career.

The book itself is a fairly high-quality hardbound volume, available in both a standard and variant edition that features her aforementioned character The Pro gracing its cover in all her costumed glory. IDW did a stellar job in putting this book together, as the layouts are clean and the print really makes the colors pop off the page.

artofamandaconnerFor fans of her work, as well as newcomers, The Art of Amanda Conner is a fantastic art book, one that definitely shouldn’t be missed. Even for fans who are already familiar with her work featured in this book, I can’t recommend this enough. It’s rare for art books to receive such a personal touch, and the scores of photos and writings from those who have worked with her over the years make the book feel less like a simple collection of art and more like a celebration of a very creative and successful career.

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Bill Jones Ink received a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.

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