My wife reviews the Nicholas Sparks DVD collection [Guest Review]

Title: Nicholas Sparks: Limited Edition DVD Collection Studio: Warner Home Video Review by: Sarah Jones Bill’s Note: I’m not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. He — much like Bruno Mars and John T. Mayer before him — is the type of person who continually raises the bar for romance to unrealistic heights, basically saying I would literally have to overcome someone else’s Alzheimer’s through the power of storytelling to show my true devotion and love. That’s rough. But my wife eats this stuff up, so when I saw Warner Home Video was releasing a collection of his films, I requested Continue reading

Bret Hart, WWE serve up four-star collection [Guest Home Video Review/Wrestling]

Title: Bret “Hit Man” Hart – The Dungeon Collection Format: DVD // Studio: WWE Home Video Rating: Review by: Matt Peters There is something truly special about hearing Bret Hart talk wrestling. Even though he has physically seen better days, he still gets a certain twinkle in his eye when he reminisces over his amazing career. The recently released 3-disc set from WWE Home Video provides viewers the opportunity to sit down with the Hit Man as delivers story after story of his glory days. The set starts out strong, with a Dynamite Kid match from the heyday of Stampede Continue reading

More than just an art book [Guest Book Review]

Title: The Art of Amanda Conner Edition: Hardcover // Published by: IDW // Forward by: Jimmy Palmiotti // Edited and Designed by: Joe Pruett Review by: Archie Easter There aren’t many artists out there who can make viewers crack a smile one minute and create stunning visual art the next, but Amanda Conner is one such person. From her gorgeous female characters and runs on books like Vampirella and Power Girl to the hooker-turned-superhero The Pro — and all manner of quirky and fun creations in between — if there’s one thing her work has shown, it is that she Continue reading

A fantastic look at the art of a fantastic series [Books Guest Review]

Title: The Art of Dead Space Edition: Hardcover // Published by: Titan Books // Commentary by: Martin Robinson Review by: Eric Stuckart The first thing that really draws one’s attention to The Art of Dead Space was the feel of it’s book cover — a velvety, matte finish surface that belies the fantastically horrific artwork found within. Personal preferences aside — the Dead Space video game franchise remains one of my more beloved series this console generation — this is a  great art book from front to back. Covering the artistic foundations of pretty much every aspect of the video Continue reading

Devil May Cry gets a fresh coat of paint [Video Games Guest Review]

Title: DmC Devil May Cry Platform: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3, PC) // ESRB: M // Published by: Capcom // Developed by: Ninja Theory Rating: Review by: Matt Peters Capcom’s newest entry into the Devil May Cry series is much more than just a coat of fresh paint. With development duties in the hands of Ninja Theory, some much needed life has been breathed back into Dante’s adventures. The story isn’t very different than what we’ve seen before. Dante, the son of a demon and angel has been prophesied to take down a powerful force set on world destruction. The Continue reading

Parasite causes Super-host to run out of steam [Comic Guest Review]

Title: Superman: Earth One Volume Two Publisher: DC Comics // Written by: J. Michael Straczynski // Illustrated by: Shane Davis, Sandra Hope Rating: Review by: Matt Peters Superman: Earth One Volume Two picks up a short while after the events of the first volume. Clark is now a member of the Daily Planet team, and things seem to be settling into the Superman status quo. Lois is wondering how the hayseed from Smallville got an exclusive interview with Superman, while Perry yells and Jimmy snaps photos. Fortunately, this is where writer J. Michael Straczynski is at his best. When everything Continue reading