Links: Nidhogg 2 Review for 22nd Century Media

What I like about “Nidhogg 2” in a nutshell… “Everything about ‘Nidhogg 2′ — Messhof Games’ follow-up, reviewed on PS4 but also available on PC — sees only small tweaks to the formula that made its predecessor a success, but they are all for the better’ “The most notable is that the weapons list has expanded from a simple fencing sword to feature a heavy broadsword, a shorter knife, and a bow with arrows. They modify the strategies on both offense and defense, without losing the balance of the original game.” Full review by clicking here. I’ve been a bit Continue reading

Plenty to dig about Shovel Knight [Video Game Reviews]

Title: Shovel Knight Platform: Wii U (Also on 3DS, PC) // ESRB: E // Published & Developed by: Yacht Club Games Rating: Review by: Bill Jones It would be easy to write off Shovel Knight as yet another Kickstarter production trying (and, in this case, succeeding) at capitalizing on retro-stylized video games. (Hell, I almost did when it first started getting some attention on the crowdsourcing platform.) But to do so would mean missing out on the great debut game by Yacht Club Games. Shovel Knight is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, with 8-bit graphics adhering to Nintendo Entertainment System’s original Continue reading

Doodle Jump for Kinect makes gamer accelerometer [Video Games Guest Review]

Title: Doodle Jump for Kinect Platform: Xbox Kinect // ESRB: E // Published by: D3 Publisher // Developer: Lima Sky LLC, Smoking Gun Interactive Rating: Review by: Matt Peters When Doodle Jump launched for mobile devices, it was a simple but fun way to incorporate the accelerometer into gameplay. Tilting the phone from side to side moved the ever-jumping Doodler in the appropriate direction to land safely on the next platform. In the game’s jump from mobile to Kinect (pun definitely intended), the gamer is now the accelerometer. Setting up the game is fairly easy, as long as the Kinect Continue reading

Devil May Cry gets a fresh coat of paint [Video Games Guest Review]

Title: DmC Devil May Cry Platform: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3, PC) // ESRB: M // Published by: Capcom // Developed by: Ninja Theory Rating: Review by: Matt Peters Capcom’s newest entry into the Devil May Cry series is much more than just a coat of fresh paint. With development duties in the hands of Ninja Theory, some much needed life has been breathed back into Dante’s adventures. The story isn’t very different than what we’ve seen before. Dante, the son of a demon and angel has been prophesied to take down a powerful force set on world destruction. The Continue reading