Links: A.V. Club – Best Music of 2013 (So Far)

I was lucky enough to get one of my pitches accepted for A.V. Club’s Best Music of 2013 (so far) list. I wrote up a blurb on Night Birds’ “Maimed for the Masses,” creating a category called Best Song Written About a Professional Wrestler. You can check it out on the second page of the entries by clicking here.

Doodle Jump for Kinect makes gamer accelerometer [Video Games Guest Review]

Title: Doodle Jump for Kinect Platform: Xbox Kinect // ESRB: E // Published by: D3 Publisher // Developer: Lima Sky LLC, Smoking Gun Interactive Rating: Review by: Matt Peters When Doodle Jump launched for mobile devices, it was a simple but fun way to incorporate the accelerometer into gameplay. Tilting the phone from side to side moved the ever-jumping Doodler in the appropriate direction to land safely on the next platform. In the game’s jump from mobile to Kinect (pun definitely intended), the gamer is now the accelerometer. Setting up the game is fairly easy, as long as the Kinect Continue reading Doodle Jump for Kinect makes gamer accelerometer [Video Games Guest Review]

Links: Digital Trends – Feature on documentary ‘Sign Painters’

I wrote another piece for Digital Trends, this one starting with the documentary “Sign Painters” and using it to delve more into old forms of media versus new, and how the old are still finding a way in today’s world, in some cases with help from the new and in other cases even inspiring the new media. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. You can check it out here.

Music’s most memorable maladies [Guest Feature]

Drug and drinking problems (mostly) aside, the music industry has had its fair share of prominent health issues. From illnesses or misfortunes that made the artists stronger to those who weren’t so lucky, guest writer Ryan Bray takes a look at the music industry’s most memorable maladies. Neil Young Ailment: Brain aneurysm What went wrong: For more than 45 years now, Neil Young has pretty much worked at breakneck speed, recording and touring prolifically with little downtime between the two disciplines. That fretless work ethic has served him well, but his workhorse ways caught up with him in a frightening Continue reading Music’s most memorable maladies [Guest Feature]