Links: HEAVEmedia β€” Friday media round-up 10-25

I contributed something to the latest Friday media round-up for HEAVEmedia something on Bulkypix’s Type:Rider app. While you’re checking it out, you should also check out Dom’s contribution this week, especially if you’re a big wrestling fan. Check it all out by clicking here.

Links: HEAVEmedia – Friday media round-up 10-18

After missing a week, I got back to contributing to HEAVEmedia’s Friday media round-up. I wrote a little bit about two upcoming album’s I’m enjoying, Reggie and The Full Effect’s No Country for Old Musicians, and Polar Bear Club’s Death Chorus. You can check out my thoughts by clicking here. Sorry about how I may have rubbed in getting an early listen just a little bit.

Links: HEAVEmedia – Friday media round-up 10-10

I contributed to this week’s Friday media round-up over at HEAVEmedia. I submitted some videos I found on YouTube of Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters. Pretty entertaining stuff. You can check out the write-up by clicking here. Also watch the trailer for Gravity under Dom’s post.