My wife reviews the Nicholas Sparks DVD collection [Guest Review]

Title: Nicholas Sparks: Limited Edition DVD Collection Studio: Warner Home Video Review by: Sarah Jones Bill’s Note: I’m not a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. He — much like Bruno Mars and John T. Mayer before him — is the type of person who continually raises the bar for romance to unrealistic heights, basically saying I would literally have to overcome someone else’s Alzheimer’s through the power of storytelling to show my true devotion and love. That’s rough. But my wife eats this stuff up, so when I saw Warner Home Video was releasing a collection of his films, I requested Continue reading

Chuck Ragan returns in force with Till Midnight [Music Album Review]

Band: Chuck Ragan Album: Till Midnight Label: SideOneDummy // Release Date: March 25, 2014 // Produced by: Christopher Thorn Rating: Review by: Bill Jones As Chuck Ragan releases his fourth full-length studio album, there is not a whole lot left to be said about the solo efforts of the singer-songwriter from Hot Water Music. His music has been consistently forceful and engaging, and Till Midnight is no exception. From the outset of the album’s opener, “Something May Catch Fire,” Ragan’s bellowing vocal approach commands the same attention it always has. The lyrics, often about love, continue to offer a great Continue reading