Plenty to dig about Shovel Knight [Video Game Reviews]

Title: Shovel Knight Platform: Wii U (Also on 3DS, PC) // ESRB: E // Published & Developed by: Yacht Club Games Rating: Review by: Bill Jones It would be easy to write off Shovel Knight as yet another Kickstarter production trying (and, in this case, succeeding) at capitalizing on retro-stylized video games. (Hell, I almost did when it first started getting some attention on the crowdsourcing platform.) But to do so would mean missing out on the great debut game by Yacht Club Games. Shovel Knight is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, with 8-bit graphics adhering to Nintendo Entertainment System’s original Continue reading Plenty to dig about Shovel Knight [Video Game Reviews]

Links: Noisey – Josh Freese Q&A

I’ve been excited about this one posting for awhile now. One of my favorite Q&As to conduct/write up in years was with Josh Freese of Devo/The Vandals/Nine Inch Nails/A Perfect Circle fame, recorded backstage at a recent Devo show. I also learned that if you get a really great drummer to tell a bunch of awesome stories about the bands he has played with, VICE’s Noisey will be pretty stoked to publish it, even though you turned it in at more than 5,000 words. Fans of The Replacements should also enjoy this one. Guns N’ Roses, too. You can read Continue reading Links: Noisey – Josh Freese Q&A

Links: Digital Trends – How OK Go made the video for ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’

I recently did an interview with Damian Kulash of OK Go and Aaron Duffy of 1stAveMachine about how they put together that crazy new music video for “The Writing’s on the Wall” with all those anamorphic illusions. It was something that interested me personally, and I had a blast talking with both of them to piece together the feature. If you’re curious, Digital Trends published it, and you can read it by clicking here.

Links: Vice/Noisey – Good Bands with Shitty Fans

Keeping up with what has been a busy year, I forgot to post this a little while back when it was originally published, but I’m hoping people will still dig it today. Thanks to a kind fellow writer/editor, Dan Ozzi, I got an opportunity to start pitching some things to Vice’s Noisey music site. The first thing he accepted is a piece I called Good Bands with Shitty Fans, which seems fairly self-explanatory. You can read it in full by clicking here.

Links: Digital Trends – Q&A with OAR’s Mikel Paris

I never really got into O.A.R., but I recently had an opportunity to interview keyboardist Mikel Paris about some of his extracurricular activities out on the road. He was a really nice guy with a great perspective on not wasting all of his opportunities and time out on the road. The interview was published by Digital Trends, and you can read it by clicking here.