Links: Digital Trends – ‘Alinea Project’ interview

I’ve been looking forward to being able to post this interview I did for Digital Trends for quite awhile now. Allen Hemberger was a great interview and dared to recreate of the menu of Alinea in his home kitchen, with much success. His book documents his trial and error, as well as offers some beautiful photographs of his results. You can read the interview in full by clicking here.

Links: A.V. Club – Lisa Jakub’s ‘You Look Like That Girl’ Book Review

So I recently started reviewing books for The A.V. Club. The first two I did I actually liked quite a bit. Finally, I got one I did not enjoy so much. But it was something of a tempered dislike, on account of Lisa Jakub — whose memoir “You Look Like That Girl” was reviewed — seeming like a nice enough person. She is the child actor who never fell victim to all the cliche craziness of being a child actor, but that also makes her tale kind of boring. You can read the full review by clicking here.

Links: Noisey – Primus Rank Your Records

I have now had the opportunity to interview Les Claypool of Primus twice, the first for a now-defunct magazine about his composing the Mushroom Men video game soundtrack. This time, I talked to him for the not-at-all-defunct Noisey imprint of VICE. We did a Rank Your Records focusing on Primus’ studio albums. As with the first time around, Claypool was a great interview, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. You can check it out by clicking here.