Links – Downsizing Blu-ray review

Downsizing is a really great premise, but the back half starts to feel like a different movie, and I’m not sure it is for the better. I shared my thoughts on it, at length, in my latest Unscripted review for The Orland Park Prairie. You can read it in full by clicking here.

Links – “Community under pressure” column

I recently had a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” It actually wound up OK in the end, but it was daunting spectacle, following a month of being overworked. I still managed to find something of a silver lining in it, and wrote about it for my column with The Orland Park Prairie. You can read it by clicking here.

Links – Chapter Chatter: ‘Is This Guy for Real?’

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Box Brown has a really good new book called “Is This Guy For Real?” out on First Second. It’s about Andy Kaufman, and I reviewed it for the Chapter Chatter feature for the newspaper I run. You can check it out in full by clicking here (subscription).

Link – Signal boost what you love column

Been meaning to share this one. Had a string of Orland Park editorials delving into some political issues over a month’s time. I’m proud of them, but it kept delaying this positive thing I wanted to get out there. Ended up serving as a good end to 2017/start to 2018. (Click here to read. Subscription) A tease… “There is a scene near the end of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” One character is on a suicide mission to destroy the super-weapon of a foe when he is miraculously knocked off course by his companion. “In the sequence, the two technically fail. Continue reading Link – Signal boost what you love column

Links: Orland Park magic man delivers on Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’

This gentleman reached out to me to let me know he was going to be on Penn and Teller: Fool Us on The CW, and then he shared his story with me. Pretty fascinating guy, and it was cool to watch his segment on TV. Happy I got to write about him. To check it out, click here. (Subscription) The intro… When it comes to what separates most magicians, Orland Park’s Glenn Morphew has a simple theory. “I think some guys are creators, and some guys are not,” he said. “The guys who are good creators are not performers.” But Morphew may be Continue reading Links: Orland Park magic man delivers on Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’

Links: An editorial with a Beatles tie

So, following up on that McCartney piece I shared the other day, I wrote an editorial to go along with it. My uncle was a longtime Beatles fanatic, used to co-host a radio show called “Breakfast with the Beatles” on WCKG. So I had an interesting connection/full circle sort of feeling when covering the Paul McCartney show. So, I unearthed the photo and wrote about the experience that week. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. You can check it out here (subscription). A little bit… “I never quite shared the same passion as him for The Beatles. I Continue reading Links: An editorial with a Beatles tie

Links: Nidhogg 2 Review for 22nd Century Media

What I like about “Nidhogg 2” in a nutshell… “Everything about ‘Nidhogg 2′ — Messhof Games’ follow-up, reviewed on PS4 but also available on PC — sees only small tweaks to the formula that made its predecessor a success, but they are all for the better’ “The most notable is that the weapons list has expanded from a simple fencing sword to feature a heavy broadsword, a shorter knife, and a bow with arrows. They modify the strategies on both offense and defense, without losing the balance of the original game.” Full review by clicking here. I’ve been a bit Continue reading Links: Nidhogg 2 Review for 22nd Century Media

Links: Lego Batman Movie review for 22nd Century Media

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to review a film for 22nd Century Media. I was happy, though, that I got back into it courtesy of “The Lego Batman Movie,” which is a ton of fun. You can check out my full review of it here. (subscription)