Links – The A.V. Club: The best books of 2016 so far

The A.V. Club put together a “The best books of 2016 so far” thing, and the site was kind enough to let me contribute to it. Know going in that I probably left off your favorite book of the year (or the only book you started reading this year). I do that sometimes. Instead of considering your opinions, I just went ahead and added that wonderful Bob’s Burgers Burger Book with which I had so much fun, the Dave Eggers books I just got done reading/reviewing and then a memoir by Amber Tozer that I didn’t have a chance to Continue reading

The Top 10 Movies of 2012 [Movies]

By Bill Jones Around this time of the year, it seems like everyone has a list of the top films of 2012, but why not? It’s a fun conversation piece, ideally eliciting both some agreement and argument. Plus, as an entertainment journalist, it’s nice to — after often criticising plenty of less-than-wonderful films — bestow some praise upon the year’s best. The Top 10 Movies of 2012 list that follows is one picked not by a particular points system or by a panel of editors, but rather solely by me. I’d like to think that with my experience with reviews Continue reading