Links: Digital Trends – How 3D scanners are capturing life from all angles

So this is a pretty interesting one, I think. I pitched a story to Digital Trends on how the Artec Eva 3D handheld scanner was used to help create the face of Elizabeth for the popular TV spot for BioShock: Infinite, but when I started the interview, I found myself getting a lot of information about how this new tech is creating a shift in the way some developers are doing things, as well as opening up what was once reserved for big companies to smaller ones. So it turned into more of a trend piece. And I like it. Continue reading

Cool People No. 7 – Paul Pape


At Pads & Panels, I originally launched a series called Cool People, designed to put a spotlight on some awesome people closely related to the video games and comics industries, though not necessarily creators of the core products themselves. I decided it would be a worthwhile thing to bring over to Bill Jones Ink. Paul Pape seemed like a great guy to get it rolling. It’s his Paul Pape Designs that captured my attention, with his custom geek designs, from action figures and replicas to ring boxes and cake toppers. I exchanged emails with Pape to learn a little more Continue reading