Links: Love, Music, and Joy: The Story of Core Demo

  I have to admit, I’m bad about reading things my talented friends write as much as I should. But Matt Peters posted something with Mighty Ink Comics the other day on Core Demo, a fundraiser he started and with which I was honored to be involved a few years back. I hosted the inaugural event, despite my usual stage fright. It was an incredibly strange event — I wrote fictional biographies for unsuspecting belly dancers, if you were wondering just how strange — but for a great cause. It was something personal for Matt, and he tells the story Continue reading

Doodle Jump for Kinect makes gamer accelerometer [Video Games Guest Review]

Title: Doodle Jump for Kinect Platform: Xbox Kinect // ESRB: E // Published by: D3 Publisher // Developer: Lima Sky LLC, Smoking Gun Interactive Rating: Review by: Matt Peters When Doodle Jump launched for mobile devices, it was a simple but fun way to incorporate the accelerometer into gameplay. Tilting the phone from side to side moved the ever-jumping Doodler in the appropriate direction to land safely on the next platform. In the game’s jump from mobile to Kinect (pun definitely intended), the gamer is now the accelerometer. Setting up the game is fairly easy, as long as the Kinect Continue reading

Parasite causes Super-host to run out of steam [Comic Guest Review]

Title: Superman: Earth One Volume Two Publisher: DC Comics // Written by: J. Michael Straczynski // Illustrated by: Shane Davis, Sandra Hope Rating: Review by: Matt Peters Superman: Earth One Volume Two picks up a short while after the events of the first volume. Clark is now a member of the Daily Planet team, and things seem to be settling into the Superman status quo. Lois is wondering how the hayseed from Smallville got an exclusive interview with Superman, while Perry yells and Jimmy snaps photos. Fortunately, this is where writer J. Michael Straczynski is at his best. When everything Continue reading