Andrew W.K. New Noise page

OK, this doesn’t fall under one of the categories in which I routinely post, but it’s something I simply had to share. I had the chance to write a preview of Riot Fest Chicago for New Noise Magazine, and they did something for the lead-in page of which I wholeheartedly approve. Just thought it looked really cool and I wanted to share it. Got the OK from the mag, but you’ll have to pick up Issue No. 4 of New Noise if you want to read the accompanying interviews. It’s a PDF, though, so I think it’ll take an extra Continue reading Andrew W.K. New Noise page

Links: New Noise Magazine – An off-topic Phenomenauts Interview

So, I posted an interview the other day with The Phenomenauts for New Noise Magazine, mostly focusing on their crowdsourced funding campaign. But I also did an off-topic interview with them, in which we discussed bowling, atheism and civil rights. So if you didn’t get your fill the other day, you can check it out by clicking here.

Links: New Noise Magazine β€” Interview with The Phenomenauts

I did an interview with the space-themed band The Phenomenauts, like, awhile ago. At this point, I think we’ll call it a lost interview unearthed. But it recently went up over at New Noise Magazine. It’s still kind of fun, because it was done roundtable style. You can check it out by clicking here.

Links: New Noise Magazine – T.Mills

I wrote a piece for New Noise Magazine on rapper T.Mills (Travis Mills) about his upcoming mobile game Trailin’ Travis. It was originally done as a companion piece for an interview I did about Skate and Surf Festival and GameChanger World, but there wasn’t enough room to run both in print, so this just went up online. Pretty quick, fun Q&A focused on the game. You can read it by clicking here.

Links: New Noise Magazine – Bad Religion, The Bronx, Polar Bear Club

Got another link for everyone today. Friday evening, I took photos at the Bad Religion, The Bronx and Polar Bear Club show at The Congress Theater in Chicago for New Noise Magazine. I wasn’t particularly happy with the way the Bad Religion photos turned out, but really liked the Polar Bear Club photos and one of The Bronx ones, as well. You can check out the gallery by clicking this link.

Links: New Noise Magazine – Green Day at Allstate Arena

On Thursday, March 28, I had the pleasure of shooting a photo gallery of the first date on the rescheduled Green Day tour at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill. (Chicago) for New Noise Magazine. You check check out the photos by clicking here.

Links: New Noise Magazine – Blink 182 and New Found Glory Icon releases

While more of my work will appear in print in the first issue of New Noise Magazine, set to hit store shelves in April, the magazine has posted a couple of reviews I did to the web on Universal’s Icon releases for Blink 182 and New Found Glory. The pair of releases are rather lackluster in my opinion, and you can follow the links if you’d like to find out why.