Tom Eastman talks leaving Wideload and the Chicago ‘Indie Renaissance’ [Video Games Interview]


Trinket Studios Interview with President Tom Eastman By Bill Jones Chicago’s gaming market to the casual observer may seem like something not simply in decline, rather all but dead. Sure, High Voltage Software is still alive in suburban Hoffman Estates with a newfound mobile focus. Wideload still exists under the ownership of Disney Interactive (though little news has come from the company since 2012’s Avengers Initiative). And NetherRealm still exists to churn out Mortal Kombat titles, while Jellyvision manages to keep our attention with reinventions of You Don’t Know Jack. But it is all a far cry from Chicago’s heyday Continue reading

Devil May Cry gets a fresh coat of paint [Video Games Guest Review]


Title: DmC Devil May Cry Platform: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3, PC) // ESRB: M // Published by: Capcom // Developed by: Ninja Theory Rating: Review by: Matt Peters Capcom’s newest entry into the Devil May Cry series is much more than just a coat of fresh paint. With development duties in the hands of Ninja Theory, some much needed life has been breathed back into Dante’s adventures. The story isn’t very different than what we’ve seen before. Dante, the son of a demon and angel has been prophesied to take down a powerful force set on world destruction. The Continue reading

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct [Video Games Interview]

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct_screen 2

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Interview with Glenn Gamble of Terminal Reality By Bill Jones The upcoming The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game — licensed specifically by AMC, published by Activision and developed by Terminal Reality (Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Kinect Star Wars) — has seen its fair share of bad press. Already at the disadvantage of coming on the heels of a stellar episodic Walking Dead series based on the Image Comics property and under the cloud of an indirect comment by series creator Robert Kirkman — who called the idea of a Walking Dead FPS “pointless,” though Terminal Continue reading