Music’s most memorable maladies [Guest Feature]

Drug and drinking problems (mostly) aside, the music industry has had its fair share of prominent health issues. From illnesses or misfortunes that made the artists stronger to those who weren’t so lucky, guest writer Ryan Bray takes a look at the music industry’s most memorable maladies. Neil Young Ailment: Brain aneurysm What went wrong: For more than 45 years now, Neil Young has pretty much worked at breakneck speed, recording and touring prolifically with little downtime between the two disciplines. That fretless work ethic has served him well, but his workhorse ways caught up with him in a frightening Continue reading Music’s most memorable maladies [Guest Feature]

The Top 10 Movies of 2012 [Movies]

By Bill Jones Around this time of the year, it seems like everyone has a list of the top films of 2012, but why not? It’s a fun conversation piece, ideally eliciting both some agreement and argument. Plus, as an entertainment journalist, it’s nice to — after often criticising plenty of less-than-wonderful films — bestow some praise upon the year’s best. The Top 10 Movies of 2012 list that follows is one picked not by a particular points system or by a panel of editors, but rather solely by me. I’d like to think that with my experience with reviews Continue reading The Top 10 Movies of 2012 [Movies]